Real-Time LASANStat Dashboard

Sponsor: LA Sanitation (LASAN)

University: UCLA

Status: In Progress

LASAN currently runs the LASANStat program that displays monthly data for metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These charts are updated manually once a month. LASAN would would like to automate the generation of charts, include drill-down capabilities, and make the data more dynamic. This dashboard will be a prototype to help guide the creation and automation of data reporting at LASAN, allowing the Executive team and managers to track progress in a more real-time basis. By automating the generation of performance data, staff will be able to spend more time analyzing the data and less time compiling it. This project will assist LASAN to become a more highly data-driven and efficient organization.

The Dashboard will start by measuring catch basin cleanings, Customer Care Center data, sewer overflows, and CleanStat performance data.


With this project we are better able to see real-time visualization of work in CleanStreet, Sewer Maintenance and other programs in BOS.