Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Data Science Federation?

The Data Science Federation is a collaborative effort between the Information Technology Agency, 12 (and growing!) local universities and colleges, City Departments and Elected officials to bring new ideas to City challenges using data science and predictive analytics.  

Q: Who are our Partners?

We partner with 12 local universities, City Departments, Elected Officials and other relevant agencies (such as Los Angeles County, Hack for LA, and local tech businesses) to deliver data science solutions that help improve the delivery or efficiency of City services or information. A full listing on our partner universities is available online.

Q: How do we select projects?

Projects are suggested by City departments or officials and then evaluated to see whether data science tools and techniques could help and whether a Federation partner school has a matching interest and skill set.

Q: How do we scope and execute projects?

Once a topic is brainstormed, we use a project scoping template to determine what exact questions we are trying to answer, what data sources will be used, and set expectations for the project. Here is an example project scoping document for our Predicting Risk of Homelessness project. After that, we’ll shop the proposal around to our University partners to find an ideal match.

From there, we set up a shared Github repository for hosting the code and discussing issues. Think of Github as a Google drive but for code. After the project completion, we work with our partners to determine deployment and next steps if applicable.

Q: What are some example projects and successes?

Q: What else are we up to?