Homelessness Risk Predictions

Sponsor: Mayor’s Homelessness Cabinet

University: UCLA California Policy Lab and UCLA Department of Statistics

Status: In Progress

Link: Scope Document, Meta-Analysis

The City of Los Angeles has a vested interest in helping Angelenos avoid becoming un-housed. The City provides a variety of Social Safety Net programs that potential indicate a risk of losing housing. Some of these include WorkSource, FamilySource and YouthSource.  Based on existing risk factors for homelessness that are well documented in the Social Science literature, along with questionnaires and other data (such as SNAP/TANF), we can produce a risk-model that predicts the likelihood of becoming homeless at a future time interval. Using this model, we can then deploy recommendations around interventions to our practitioners in the field.  UCLA’s California Policy Lab and Stats department are engaged on the project along with the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and HCID.