Earthquake Early Warning

Sponsor: Mayor’s Office of Public Safety 

University: USGS with Caltech

Status: In progress

Link: Github

Create an early earthquake warning process using the USGS ShakeAlert platform. This includes deploying (or partnering with another organization to deploy) an app for general citizen alerts (pending approval by USGS and the Mayor), exploring other alerting options (text, notifications, speaker announcements, etc.), creating a machine-to-machine alerting system within the City for use with City department pilots, and developing a scalable way for the City to use early earthquake warning data to maximum benefit for Angelenos. ITA has stood up an ActiveMQ messaging server and is submitting applications to USGS for approval of initial pilots. Close coordination with LAWA, which is already actively piloting internal messaging. Initial pilot with General Services and Early Warning lab at City Hall complex is being planned.