DOT Traffic Prediction Analyzer

Sponsor - Department of Transportatio


Status: Completed 


Traffic is a major issue that has plagued Los Angeles for years, however, utilizing WAZE (or any other available traffic data) to analyze street traffic can help to build a predictive model for specific time frame of the year. Through Waze, the DSF can use archived WAZE data to see specific date, from years prior, to see the impact of events such as the Oscars. Then using that data to find possible alternative waypoints for traffic mitigation. With this Traffic Prediction Analyzer, we will be able to visually see the traffic patterns on specific day(s), and be able to measure the effectiveness of adding specific traffic mitigation solutions (Traffic Officers directing traffic, no stop, no right turn, etc…). 


The DSF has found that mobile mapping applications has affected travel behavior and garnered significant attention from the media and neighborhood stakeholders.