DOT Active Transportation Planner

Sponsor: Department of Transportation

University: UCLA Extension

Status: Completed

Start and end dates: November-December 2016, February-March 2017 (2nd Phase)

Link: (Demo, Github)

Department of Transportation employees need a unified data record of active transportation projects that may be between ideation and completion phases. Students at UCLA Extension, prototyped a planning tool that ingests data from multiple sources and allows DOT staff to coordinate and monitor projects in real-time.  A minimum viable project (MVP) was built during a 6 week sprint in November and December 2016; the next group of students are coming on-board this week to get us to a beta product. DOT is preparing to manage the tool and SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) is considering recommending it as a basis for a regional active transportation planning data standard.


We were able to create the first ever database of projects and sources of funding for current and future DOT projects, allowing us to keep better track of projects. DOT is beginning to develop and use the open source application for their Capital Planning Group.