City Planning - PCIS Cleanup

Sponsor - City Planning

University: Claremont Graduate University

Status: Completed


Every month, City Planning receives raw Plan Check and Inspection System (PCIS) data from Building and Safety. The data is cleaned up to meet the Planning requirement for housing. This information is valuable in its clean state as it is used for the projecting of housing and population analysis conducted by the Demographics unit, and it is used for the annual state report of the Office of Finance. A number of queries in Access are run, to automate some of the clean-up, but there is a significant amount of manual review that takes up a large amount of time. This project will allow students to  generate a script that can be run to automate the clean-up and identify housing groupings to reduce staff time on the manual effort.


Cal State Long Beach students were able to finish the script as a part of their Master Project  to automate some steps and improve the view. They createda new interface for users.